State-Of-The-Art Technology

Towing solutions powered by innovative technology. With TowZing, towing industry professionals are able to gain more power and control over their business. With this cutting edge solution, industry professionals are able to eliminate traditional club models, improve customer service, and increase profits to the towing professionals who continually go out and risk their lives.

TowZing’s digital dispatch and driver management systems are supported by a proprietary multi-million dollar web services infrastructure. This same infrastructure not only supports our innovative call center handling over 365,000 calls per month, but it provides a stable and reliable platform to support TowZing alliance members from coast to coast.


FREE application that interacts with your current software solution

Experienced state-of-the-art call center

Paperless towing documents

Effective training resources for the industry without extra costs


  • Increases production and bottom line
  • Less paperwork
  • On demand access to consumers
  • Lead generation
  • Digital record keeping & communication
  • Ongoing training programs
  • Automated customer surveys
  • True and accurate accounting that eliminates short pays
  • Cut costly phone time
  • Minimize damage exposure

Application Features

Electronic dispatch option

Track driver and call history

Integrate with your Dispatch Management System

Driver customer satisfaction detail


Join one of the fastest growing towing networks in the United States.
When you join, you will become part of the future of the towing industry.