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With over 150-years in combined towing experience and over 20-years in managing OEM clients, TowZing’s leadership designed a customizable interface and flexible software allowing it to address and solve any OEM challenge today and in the future. With our support and dedication in building a healthy roadside assistance customer service experience, TowZing will revolutionize and break the negative stereotype club-model.

Knowledge & Experience
In Managing OEM Clients

Ability To "White Label"
Towzing's Technology

Technology That Is
Adopted By Tow Operators

Operational Expertise

Great VirtualWorks is one of the industry leaders in the technology and virtual call center world. Through these companies, we have access to production studios, full national and regional media purchasing, customer service, product fulfillment, virtual call centers, and e-learning and training services.

With over 450 employees and thousands of associates working remotely, we have access to the best and brightest available in multiple areas of expertise.

TowZing provides its team the ability to monitor the operator in real time. This sophisticated system stores all service vehicles, tracking of routes, and personnel. The TowZing command center and dispatcher can communicate via our proprietary integrated software allowing the driver to respond to the customer quickly and efficiently.

Business Performance

Owned and operated by six very successful towing entrepreneurs and business executives, TowZing was designed and implemented with the towing industry in mind.

TowZing understands that for customers and clients to get the technology and performance they desire, we as a partner will not promote the unfair and inequitable current traditional models. Collaboratively working with the industry is the only route to success.

From the very simple cash-call to the complex OEM and Insurance specific demand, TowZing’s user interface is fully customizable and can handle any and all situations.

Eliminating Traditional Motor Clubs

The traditional club models of continuing to negotiate lower rates to increase their profits is no longer viable due to insurance and equipment expenses rising at exponential percentages. To attract professional and qualified operators, fair and reasonable rates have to become the industry norm.

Although acknowledged, the negative domino effect that these Motor Club ‘middle-man’ models have on our customer experience ratings is hardly discussed. Customers who call into one of these motor clubs will obviously take less priority over a direct call into their business. The effect is the customer having long response times leading to an overall poor experience.

At the end of the day, response time criteria is what really creates the customer experience.

Your Problems Solved

We know that auto manufacturers, insurance agencies, and other companies are frustrated with their current options and are looking for a true commitment to their business and customer.

TowZing was built to solve industry issues that exists in today’s marketplace.. Traditional club models are suppressing the
tower while creating a large infrastructure that does not make sense. In addition, the technology solutions were fragmented and either did not work for the operator or didn’t provide a superior experience to the client.

Companies participate in roadside programs to protect their customers and drive customer satisfaction resulting in repeat business. Auto manufacturers, insurance carriers, and other companies are frustrated with their current options and looking for a true commitment to their business and customer.

At the end of the day, choosing the proper operator and or tower is the only way this can be achieved. This is why we are not creating another ‘Motor Club’, but rather we are creating an alliance for the industry which will allow them to do what they do best …service customers effectively and efficiently. By doing so, this directly supports the men and women of the TowZing Alliance that work 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and put their lives on the line.

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