About Towzing – Our Commitment

A Vision For The Future

TowZing was created to provide a solution that would revolutionize the towing industry as we know it. By bringing together three owners of towing companies with three experienced technology and business executives, TowZing came together with the drive to change the industry.

By working with the Towing professional, TowZing is here for you. We are eliminating unnecessary costs and poor business practices which will result in putting more money in the pocket of the people who are risking their lives on our roads every day, you. For too long, customers and clients have not experienced the product they have desired and paid for. TowZing is taking on this challenge.

Engineered with solutions through our technology and facilities partner Great VirtualWorks, TowZing will bring more profits back to the towing professional. With our revolutionary technology, towing experts can access real time dashboards, provide ongoing educational training, all while improving the overall customer experience.

Beyond technology, we recognize the importance of the power of towing professionals coming together which is one of the reasons this alliance was created.

Our Commitment

At TowZing we are committed to providing solutions to our Alliance members and their customers. Utilizing TowZing’s technology we strive to bring back the profits to the towing industry experts.


Created by experts with over 150 years of experience in the towing industry, TowZing is a premier solution that brings the power back to business owners. Join the thousands of members across the nation and start taking advantage of the Alliance benefits.


Innovators Kenneth Meares, Miles DuPree’, Craig Goldstein, Bud Gruber, Rex A Dunn, Anthony Garcia and Sam Johnson, created a solution that would help towing business owners seamlessly and efficiently operate their towing business.
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